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Indigo's non-clinical Creative Catalyst workshops are designed with a focus on mindfulness, self-expression, connection, and creativity. 

Workshops begin with an intentional warm-up, followed by guided art-making. For closing, we take time to talk about the art making process and art products, from a place of non-judgment. Through this process, we are able to gain new insights and perspectives while learning a new skill.

Please inquire below to request information about designing and scheduling private workshops. Listings below are examples and can be tailored to fit group themes and needs.

Please Note

The scope of this workshop series is recreational self-care and creativity. These workshops are intended to supplement, not replace, individualized mental health support.


Intuitive Painting 

This style of painting focuses on the process of creation rather than the product. This workshop will begin with a guided scribble drawing exercise to warm-up the body and mind, with the intention of letting go of judgment. Participants will then be encouraged to transfer their expressive mark-making to canvases and transition to painting with acrylics in a variety of pre-mixed colors. No formal art background is required to benefit from this experiential workshop. Acrylic paints lend themselves to immediacy. There are no mistakes with this intuitive method of painting. The art process becomes a catalyst for new ideas to surface. Participants will have the opportunity to explore non-traditional tools and techniques, incorporating stencils and spray paint, while manipulating paint with a variety of found objects. 

Painting Equipments

Mindful Floral Drawing

During this workshop we will learn the art of mindfulness by practicing staying in the present moment through still life drawing. We will teach blind and stop-blind drawing techniques, with floral arrangements as the object of focus. We will then incorporate intuitive art making with a variety of materials to more deeply explore the archetypal symbol of the flower. For closing, participants will be invited to discuss and share our creative process and art products as we look to nature for peace and wisdom. 


Gratitude Oracle Cards

For this workshop, we will learn to practice gratitude as an intentional creative practice through daily ritual and routines using oracle cards. We will get in tune with our breath and bodies in a guided intention-setting warm-up exercise. Then we'll mindfully explore themes of gratitude using a variety of materials on paper to create a series of oracle cards. For closing, participants will be invited to discuss and share our creative process and art products.


Community Connection: Mandala Making

This workshop explores mandala creation for community connection. A mandala is a circular form representing the universe or wholeness. Mandala creation is rooted in Buddhism and been used traditionally as an active form of meditation and collective focusing. As a warm-up, we will engage in a guided body-focused grounding warm-up exercise incorporating gentle stretching and breath work. We will then create a word association art piece around the theme of community connection. We will build upon this process to create a collaborative mandala art piece using a variety of mixed-media materials.

An intention set at a previous Creative Catalyst Workshop during warm-up. We’re grateful f

Relax + Reset: Somatic Art

In this workshop, we will focus on using our entire bodies to create fluid, gestural art movements. The workshop will start with a guided relaxation focused on grounding ourselves into the present moment. Afterwards, we will use pastels on large sheets of paper to create a life-size art piece focused on the goal of resetting and relaxing to bring in the new year with positive intentions. This class is intended to use the entire body to create work and open to all bodies and abilities. 

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