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Self Care Workshops

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Indigo's workshop series is currently offered virtually for small groups upon request. These workshops are designed with a focus on mindfulness, self-care, connection, creativity, and self-exploration. 

Workshops begin with an intentional warm-up, followed by guided art-making. For closing, we take time to talk about the art making process and art products, from a place of non-judgment. Through this process, we are able to gain new insights and perspectives while learning a new skill.

Workshop fees are $35 per person. Art materials are not included for virtual workshops. Workshop proceeds help us raise funds for Indigo Art Center, Inc., a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting artists with disabilities. 

Please Note

The scope of this workshop series is recreational self-care and creativity. These workshops are intended to supplement, not replace, individualized mental health support.


Tree Symbol Exploration

We will warm-up with a meditative impermanent art mandala, using tactile materials from nature, to connect with our breath and bodies. Each participant will then be encouraged to create an image of a tree, using acrylics on canvas. Our art therapists will guide participants in an intentional exploration of the layers of symbolism found within the imagery of the tree. 

Mixed-Media Art Journaling

Indigo art therapist, Sarah Beaman, will guide participants in an intentional warm-up as we connect with our breath and bodies. Then we will learn a variety of tips and techniques for free-form experimental journaling using natural and found objects, fabrics, yarn, thread, embroidery, weaving, painting, and printmaking. Following our creative process, we will come together as a group to discuss our art products and experiences. 


Moon Journaling

Indigo art therapist, Kelly DeSousa, will be leading this workshop. We will get in tune with our breath and bodies in a guided intention-setting warm-up exercise. Then we'll mindfully explore the archetypal symbol of the new moon through creative journaling techniques. We will set intentions for the current phase of the moon, as we learn to practice gratitude and self-love through the ongoing processes of change and adaptation. 


Mindful Watercolors

This workshop will be lead by an Indigo board-certified art therapist. Following an intention-setting warm-up with clay, participants will be guided through a series of exercises, connecting breath with brush strokes. Through this tangible mindfulness practice, we will learn to create intuitively, with an emphasis on process and a deep connection with the body. We will close with a guided small group discussion of the art-making process and products created. 


This creativity workshop will be led by Indigo art therapists. Participants will be guided in an intention-setting temporary mandala-making warm-up using natural materials. Then, we will be guided in the basics of mindful art-making. Participants will be invited to focus with intent on a still-life set-up of plants and florals to draw and paint. Our emphasis for this exercise will be on process, rather than product. We will be using blind and stop-blind techniques, while learning to slow the mind and body. Patterns and forms that emerge will lend themselves to intuitively painting. 

Still Life Nature Studies


Mandala Exploration

Indigo art therapist, Sarah Beaman, will lead this workshop that explores mandala creation for mindfulness and meditation practice. A mandala is a circular form representing the universe. In Hinduism and Buddhism, mandalas have been used in traditional sacred art and meditation. 


Mandalas are rich in archetypal symbolism and meaning. The deeply meditative practice of mandala creation can lead to self-discovery and stress-relief. This workshop will explore "The Great Round", archetypal stages that relate to life phases that we repeat over and over again. 

As a warm-up, we will create transient art (impermanent) mandalas, practicing intention setting, focusing, and letting go. We will then explore a phase of the Great Round in-depth using a variety of art media. We will close our workshop with a guided group discussion and processing of our individual mandalas.


Indigo art therapist, Devon Schlegel, will lead this creative mask-making workshop. Mask creation encourages self-reflection and self-expression. This workshop offers the opportunity to intuitively explore and reveal our hidden strengths. This process can help us to build self-compassion and gain insight. 


Participants will warm-up with a mindful intention-setting exercise. Devon will then guide us in creating individual masks using papier-mâché over a pre-fabricated face mold. Once the masks are dried, we will paint and embellish them to represent personal strengths and positive aspects of ourselves. 


We will close by reflecting on our finished products through dialoguing with our masks and guided group discussion. 



Grounding Containers

Indigo art therapists will guide participants in a mindful warm-up activity using smooth river rocks as a tool to focus on the present moment. Participants will paint a word or symbol on their rock and will be guided in a simple awareness exercise for intention-setting and grounding. We will then be invited to embellish a wooden box using a variety of mixed-media art materials. The box will become a safe container that will serve as physical and symbolic representation of our inner and outer worlds and ways we create healthy boundaries. The rock will be placed inside the completed box, serving as a physical and symbolic representation of centering and grounding.  


Animal Archetypes

Indigo co-owner and board-certified art therapist, Devon Schlegel, will lead this workshop based on animal archetypes. This workshop offers participants the opportunity to explore the universal symbolism of powerful animal archetypes through an intuitive art making process.


Participants will warm up through mindfully exploring and discussing animal images along with an archetypal interpretation of their image. Devon will guide us in an intentional exploration of the layers of symbolism found within the creatures that inhabit the five elements: earth, water, fire, air and spirit.


We will be invited to create on small canvases using paint, collage, found objects, and more; all inspired by the wisdom of their animal archetype. 

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