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Art Studio



Healing Environment

Indigo Art Therapy Studio is currently providing support virtually and in person. Our new art therapy studio space is located in the heart of historic San Marco in Jacksonville, Florida. Our virtual sessions take place from the comfort of your home. We collaborate with our clients and families to cultivate a creative space that feels comfortable to you. 


Nurturing Creativity

We often work with highly sensitive artists and strive to facilitate a sensory-friendly therapeutic environment, adapting to a variety of settings. We utilize sensory-soothing art materials and engage in activities that relax the body and mind. It's important to establish a trusting therapeutic relationship as well as a nurturing creative space so that healing explorations can begin. 


All Are Welcome

At Indigo, we strive to create safe spaces, whether in the virtual setting or in person. We work collectively to honor and embrace our individual differences and abilities. Formal art skills are not necessary to benefit from art therapy. Stick figures, scribbles, and other kinds of mark-making can take you where you need to go! 

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