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Art Therapy Sessions



One-on-one art therapy sessions are facilitated by board-certified art therapists and offer goal-oriented support for individuals of all ages and abilities. Art therapy uses the creative process to address behavioral, emotional, psychological, and neuro-sensory challenges. No art skills are required to benefit from art therapy!

Art therapy sessions are personalized to meet the needs of the individual. Common therapeutic goals at may include: coping with anxiety and stress, managing strong feelings, self-expression and communication, increasing emotional awareness, fostering emotional regulation and sensory integration, developing self-compassion, and fostering healthy boundaries.

Our approach incorporates art therapy, mindfulness, somatic therapy and movement, sensory-based art-making, art-based play, parent-child relationship development, trauma-informed therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy strategies. We specialize in treating anxiety disorders.

Our team of clinicians has extensive experience working with individuals with anxiety, depression, autism and related developmental disabilities, ADHD, sensory processing disorder, PTSD, trauma, chronic illness, and depression. Many of our clients are considered "highly sensitive" and may be resistant to traditional forms of therapy. 

We offer a complimentary phone consultation to help determine whether individual art therapy sessions would be the right fit for you or your child.