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Artistry iNMOtion

Indigo Art Therapy has partnered with the Guthy Jackson Charitable Foundation to provide virtual Arts + Wellness Workshops for individuals with neuromyelitis optica (NMO) and their families and caregivers. These workshops are intended to cultivate mindfulness, creativity, connection, and self-exploration. 

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Wounded Warriors Arts + Wellness Sessions

In partnership with Neuro-Rehab Management Inc, an organization that serves individuals with traumatic brain injuries, Indigo art therapists have had the privilege of providing virtual arts + wellness sessions for the Wounded Warriors Independence Program. 


Family Empowerment Scholarship Program

Indigo Art Therapists are authorized providers for Florida's Family Empowerment Scholarship Program, formerly known as the Gardiner Scholarship. Scholarship recipients are eligible for reimbursement for group or individual art therapy services.

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