Lenny is an artist with autism who currently attends Palm Avenue Exceptional Student Center. Lenny is not limited in his ability to express himself creatively through art, although he is non-verbal. His keen visual-spatial awareness and organizational abilities allow him to create layered works of art with elaborate patterns. Lenny uses bold colors and creates with vigorous, yet controlled, gestures. He creates primarily with markers, oil pastels, and paints.

Lenny is a prolific artist; he can fill a space with designs in a very short amount of time. Lenny organizes and curates his own work space as he creates. Because of the sensory challenges of autism, Lenny can become overstimulated by noisy or chaotic environments; however, he is able to create his own structured peace through the art-making process. For Lenny, art is more than simply a leisure or recreational activity; it is a way of life. Art is Lenny’s voice.

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