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Creative Wellness


Arts & healing for

Holistic Arts + Wellness coaching sessions at Indigo incorporate a personalized combination of intuitive art making, breathing exercises, yoga, guided imagery, and relaxing energy work.


Virtual or in-person sessions are facilitated by board-certified art therapists, registered yoga instructors, and certified reiki practitioners, Kelly DeSousa and Devon Schlegel.


These services are a great option for those seeking outside-the-box support. Arts + Wellness sessions address the mind, body, and spirit, and can be helpful for releasing creative blocks, coping with stress, enhancing intuition, and cultivating mindfulness practices.



To schedule an Arts + Wellness session, Please visit our secure client portal and schedule an intake session with Kelly or Devon. Virtual sessions are available in any area. In-person sessions available locally. For groups, please schedule a consultation below.

Session Fees

  • $175/session for a 90-minute intake session

  • $150/session for a 60-minute session

  • $75/session for a 30-minute session

  • $50/person for groups + workshops