Sarah Beaman, MA, ATR-BC

Co-Founder, Board Certified Art Therapist, Special Educator

Sarah specializes in working with highly sensitive teens with trauma history, anxiety, and depression, as well as individuals of all ages with anxiety, autism, Asperger's Syndrome, ADHD, and learning differences. Sarah currently leads our Creative Coping group for teens. Sarah has experience providing art therapy and mindfulness workshops in outpatient, residential, and day treatment facilities for individuals and groups.


Sarah previously served as art therapist for the Museum of Contemporary Art, Jacksonville, where she created adaptive curriculum and advised museum staff on creating educational programs with therapeutic benefits for students with autism. She was formerly a site coach and special educator for Duval County Public Schools. She also taught adaptive art education at Oak Hill Elementary, a public center school for students with autism.


Sarah has completed advanced training in sensorimotor art therapy. This is a body-focused, trauma-informed, approach to healing that assists individuals in resensitizing the body through posture, gesture, movement, breath, and other sensory responses. Sarah is skilled at applying this technique to individuals of all ages affected by trauma, anxiety, and those experiencing emotional dysregulation.

Sarah has been in the field of art therapy for over two decades, having received her master's in art therapy from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2000. Sarah also has a background in fine art and holds a bachelor's degree in photography. She enjoys incorporating a wide variety of expressive art mediums into her art therapy sessions, ranging from photography to clay and everything in-between.


Kelly DeSousa, MS, ATR-BC, RYT

Co-Founder, Board Certified Art Therapist, Special Educator, Yoga Instructor

Kelly specializes in working with adults, children, and teens with anxiety, autism, chronic illness, disabilities, mood disorders, ADHD, and depression. She provides non-judgmental parenting support and self-care for caregivers. She is a peer mentor and advocate for LGBT+ youth and individuals with disabilities.


Kelly has been in the field of arts and healthcare for fourteen years. She is a registered art therapist, licensed special educator, certified yoga instructor, and reiki practitioner. She has provided numerous trainings and workshops on topics related to art therapy, mindfulness, and accessibility in art education. She received her Master’s in Art Therapy from Florida State University and earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of North Florida.


Kelly began her career in arts in medicine as an artist-in-residence at Wolfson Children’s Hospital through Art with a Heart in Healthcare. As a former museum educator and art therapist at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Jacksonville, she played an integral role in the development of an educational art initiative serving students with autism. Kelly also provided adaptive art education residencies for Arts4All (formerly VSA Florida). She has taught academics and art to students with autism and varying exceptionalities in public and private school settings.  


Kelly has received advanced training in dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), an evidence-based form of cognitive behavioral therapy that systematically teaches mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotional regulation, and interpersonal effectiveness. The ultimate goal of DBT is to learn to lead a life worth living. Kelly incorporates body movement, mindful breathing, guided visualization, and somatic experiencing into her art therapy practice. 

As a person living with a disability herself, Kelly has learned to lead a healthy lifestyle through her own art-making, adaptive yoga, and mindfulness practices. Through her work at Indigo Art Therapy Studio and Indigo Art Center, she hopes to help make the healing power of art accessible to all.

Devon Schlegel, MA, ATR-BC, LMHC

Co-owner, Board Certified Art Therapist, Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Devon is Clinical Director at Indigo, providing consultation and supervision to other clinicians. Devon moved to Jacksonville in 2017 after spending eight years in Philadelphia, where she obtained her master’s degree in art therapy from Drexel University. She specializes in working with individuals with trauma history, depression, anxiety, mood disorders, dissociative disorders, attachment disorders, ADHD, autism, learning differences, and selective mutism. 


Devon previously worked in a variety of settings as a child art therapist, including residential treatment facilities, neurological outpatient centers and academic settings. She also developed trauma-informed art therapy programs within two Philadelphia public schools. After moving to Jacksonville, Devon worked for Daniel Kids as an outpatient therapist where she also led art therapy groups within the residential program and Daniel Academy school.


Devon has received advanced training in trauma-focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). She also has advanced training in dyadic therapy, which involves strengthening the parent-child relationship through joint art making and creative play. This type of therapy is ideal for young children with developmental delays or children with attachment trauma. 


Devon utilizes art processes and symbols to help guide her clients safely through challenges towards deeper self-expression and emotional awareness. She enjoys incorporating Jungian theory, Tarot, and archetypal symbols into her work with clients. She has led numerous self-care workshops focusing on universal symbols, mindfulness, and creative self-expression.


Devon has recently begun working at Cathedral Art Project as their Special Needs Fellow, designing accessible arts programming for children in ESE classrooms. In her spare time, Devon practices yoga and is active in the local fine arts community as a professional abstract painter. 

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