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Coping Tools Group

teen art therapy

Group Goals

  • Learn to cope with strong feelings

  • Develop healthy boundaries

  • Foster self-care rituals and routines

  • Alleviate anxiety through art + mindfulness

Group Format

This group is designed for teens ages 14-18 and is led by registered art therapists. Our structured groups begin with a warm-up, a guided group activity, followed by a closing activity. Through collaborative art making and facilitated small group discussion, participants work together to develop healthy coping tools, normalize common challenges, and encourage one another in a safe, supportive small-group setting.


Days / Times

Evaluation Process

Current available days and times for this group are Mondays at 6:30 pm. 

A one-time intake evaluation is required for participation in all Indigo Art Therapy Programs. The evaluation session helps participants to know what to expect and helps the art therapists to determine which services will be the most beneficial. Individual therapy sessions may be required as a prerequisite or in addition to art therapy groups.


Please contact us to schedule a phone consultation prior to registration.